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You have put an advanced data collection and analysis solution in place, now what?


Insight ConsultingInsight Consulting is a knowledge-based service that is focused on maximizing the return on Derby's On-Demand Service (ODS) by proactively leveraging the manufacturing test domain knowledge and data management expertise of the Derby Service Team.

Derby ODS creates the real-time transparency needed to enable Derby and its customers to collaborate together to improve performance and quality on the shop floor.

The strategy behind this service is to complement the existing knowledge on the shop floor with Derby's expertise in using test data to improve decision support and to leverage industry best practices.

Insight Consulting is a proactive service that is designed to be an integral and seamless part of the continuous improvement initiative on the shop floor. Because Derby Insight is a cloud-based solution providing authorized and secure access to the Derby Customer Service Team is straightforward. Derby Insight On-Demand provides the transparency needed for Derby to receive the same information as its customer in near real-time, which dramatically improves collaboration and decision support. Once everyone is "on the same page" finding the root cause of a problem and making a fix can be greatly expedited.

Insight Consulting is a goal orientated and flexible service that can be added at any time to a Derby On-Demand Service and tailored to meet the specific needs of a customer.


Derby Insight Consulting includes the following subjects:

  • First Past Yield Analysis Establish baseline yield data on target products, determine the cause for defects and implement an improvement plan.
  • Test & Measurement Analysis — Review test strategy and set-ups, analyze historical measurement performance and determine areas for improvement.
  • Incircuit Utilization & Fixture Analysis — Establish performance baselines, set-up monitoring & reporting, determine key performance detractors and implement an improvement plan.
  • Cost-Of-Quality (COQ) Analysis — Baseline COQ metrics within the test and repair workcell, estimate & monetize the current cost of internal failures on the shop floor and implement a plan to reduce costs.
    Insight Consulting increases the return on investment from your Derby On-Demand Service by providing the knowledge and expertise to reduce the time between Insight and Improvements.  

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