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Derby Software

Globe IconDerby’s software solutions enable electronics manufacturers to collect and analyze shop floor data in real-time from anywhere in the global manufacturing supply chain so they can generate the information needed to create the transparency for dispersed teams to effectively collaborate to improve performance and quality.

The Derby software is built on a web-based, multi-tiered architecture that is scalable, secure and capable of being delivered as a hosted cloud solution or on-premises packaged software. The Derby software is platform independent and supports Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms, and can be easily virtualized in centralized Data Center/IT environments 

Derby’s software offering is broken into two product lines, Shop Floor Connect (SFC) and Shop Floor Insight (SFI).

SFC Icon A web-based data collection framework that automatically collects and centralizes shop floor test and repair data from anywhere in the global manufacturing supply chain. SFC is a stand-alone framework that works seamlessly with SFI and can be integrated into other enterprise solutions (e.g. MES, ERP, Big Data). SFC is made up of several web-based components:
SFI Icon

A family of web-based analytics solutions that use statistics to analyze shop floor data collected by SFC to improve quality and performance on the shop floor and across the manufacturing supply chain. SFI modules include:

  • Shop Floor Monitor — A real-time statistical analysis, alarms and monitoring solution.

  • Shop Floor Quality — A statistical quality control solution that analyzes historical data to track performance/results

  • Shop Floor Repair — An intelligent repair solution that provides rework productivity tools

  • Test Utilization Analysis — A reporting solution that analyzes test asset utilization.

  • Test Verify — A real-time printed circuit board test verification solution.


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